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Learn about and educate others through the book Let's Rodeo by Taylor Pearce! Pictures to the right showcase the mural done in correspondence with the book. The images are mirrored from those in the book to help connect the content to the real events that go on at the Homestead Rodeo every year!

Close Listening Lesson


About Taylor

This project was started due to growing up in a small city that is actually part of a much larger city right here in Miami, Florida. Many people are in disbelief when they hear that Miami has its own rodeo once a year, EVERY year in January down in Homestead. Since so many didn't know about the local rodeo, Taylor started taking steps to make others more aware about rodeo and a community event that should be attended annually... the Homestead Rodeo. 

Books & Broncs Literacy Project

The Books & Broncs Literacy Project is intended to educate children in the community about a sport that is much more popular than what one initially thinks! The Homestead Rodeo happens every year right under their noses! Through reading this book and attending the literacy day at the rodeo grounds right before rodeo, the kids get to gain insight on a whole new world! They get to learn about different events in the rodeo as well as general knowledge about horses! Another organization in the community, the South Florida Trail Riders, works closely with the Homestead Rodeo Assiciation to make this project happen every year! It is an experience that many children come away from cherrishing and, as the author and illustrator of Let's Rodeo, I am happy to have aided the Homestead Rodeo Association!

Free Download: BOOK


This is the book the First Grade students will receive when the school decides to particpate in the Books and Broncs Literacy Project on the day the horses & handlers come to the school for the "First Encournter". Anyone, who is not particapating in the project can download the book for FREE.  ©2015, Taylor Pearce 

The PowerPoint to accompany the Let's Rodeo! book is now available for a free download!  Enjoy!

We need teachers to volunteer their time to help write lesson plans for the book, Let's Rodeo! We are looking for lessons targeting first grade students to start in the LAFS Standards supporting the strands for: Reading Literature, Foundational Skills, Listening & Speaking, Writing, and Language. Anyone who is interested, please contact Dawn Southern Pearce at


Powerpoint for Let's Rodeo! 

The first time you read Let's Rodeo! with your students, read it purely for enjoyment from beginning to end.  Then, use the Close Listening/Close Reading lesson to reread for a deeper understanding. I'm sure you will find it has so many educational opportunities, it will be read again and again!

Sponsor Us

This program is aimed toward educating children in low-income situations about the rodeo. You can help too by sponsoring us to help these kids! Money goes toward buses, books, and encounters with horses! Please email us through the CONTACT tab above if you would like to help sponsor this project.  No amount is too small to assist.

Get Involved

Volunteers are always needed:

  • Teachers to write lesson plans to support instruction with the book Taylor wrote to help children understand what they will see when they come to the rodeo

  • Horse handlers to transport their own horses to schools for the student's first experience

  • Support volunteers for the Kids Day event when the students come to the arena to visit a rotation of horse related activities.


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