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SFTR Offers Support!

I attended the South Florida Trail Riders board meeting last night. I shared a prepublished printed copy of Taylor's book, Let's Rodeo!, with each member. After sharing with them the purpose of the informational book, I proceeded to discuss with them ideas for getting the Books and Broncs program started again. Depending on the funding, plan A will be to visit the schools with the horses and give each first grader the book, Let's Rodeo! The teachers can access the website and access the book in color on Powerpoint for instruction. In addition, lessons are being written to accompany the book and in progress of being written. Plan B will add the Kid's Day program at the rodeo grounds in addition to the visit in Plan A. Plan A will cost approximately $2.50 per child and with plan B added it will cost an additional $4.00 per child to pay for the busses to get to Harris Field. SFTR loved the ideas and expressed their interest to help! Next, step... funding AND beginning to schedule schools in the Homestead area. A BIG THANK YOU to the SOUTH FLORIDA TRAIL RIDERS! Together we can make this happen!

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